Don't Panic!

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Level 14 - Don't Panic!

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Find Tool Store and Collect 20 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


Some of our Rock Raiders have been trapped by recent cave-ins, and molten magma is threatening to engulf them! We cannot risk teleporting them out - another malfunction could place them in even greater danger! Guide them back to the safety of Rock Raider HQ. Once you've got them back safely, continue the mining operation and collect twenty Energy Crystals.



Molten Terrain


There is a short-cut to the base to escape the lava. Before drilling the first set of 2 Dirt walls, there is one lone wall of Dirt on the right side of the area. This takes Rock Raiders along a path to the base where the eroding lava does not go. This way the Rock Raiders get to the base faster, and the Lava doesn't threaten the facility.


Unlucky! You didn't get your Rock Raiders back safely and collect the twenty Energy Crystals we need. Mission failed.


All twenty Energy Crystals were collected and your rescue plan was great. Mission complete.

Unlocked Level


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