Run The Gauntlet

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Level 20 - Run The Gauntlet

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Find Tool Store

Cut Scene


Listen carefully, Rock Raider. A member of the team has been left behind in a labyrinth of underground caverns. He needs your help. Guide him safely to the caverns containing abandoned vehicles and use them to assist him in finding the Rock Raider HQ. Take care down there, Rock Raider.



Rocky Terrain


There are many different ways to go about completing this level. The safe Tool Store lies on the very other end of the map on the right. There is a fast path, and a longer path. The seemingly faster path, though it will get Rock Raiders there slightly faster, does have Rock Monsters, so teams should beware. Several paths along the way may be cut off by Lava and Water. When Rock Raiders are nearing the base, they will reach a Cargo Carrier that already seems to have a Rock Raider driving it. A Small Vehicle is required to board it - anything other than the Hover Scout or Tunnel Scout is acceptable, so Rock Raiders should make sure to bring one with them.


The missing Rock Raider didn't get back to Rock Raider HQ. Mission failed.


Your guidance was excellent and the stranded Rock Raider made it out safely. Well done! Mission complete.

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