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Level 8 - Breathless

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Find a missing Rock Raider team

Cut Scene


Are you ready for some more action? An earthquake has caused several cave-ins. Our scanners detect that three of our Rock Raiders have been trapped in caverns. Quickly build up our Rock Raider HQ and prepare a search party to find and rescue the trapped men. Some of your Rock Raiders should be trained to use Dynamite and others should be trained as Geologists at the Geological Center. You must work quickly to find the lost Rock Raiders before their air runs out and they are forced to teleport out. Remember that we are still very low on Energy Crystals and the teleport station aboard the L.M.S. Explorer is not working properly, so if they do have to teleport out we don't know where they would end up!



Icy Terrain


The missing team lies in the right end of the map. Players can get to here by either going through the top right tunnel or the bottom right tunnel. There are also a couple of Hidden Caverns on the left end of the area with Lakes and Seams.


You didn't rescue all three missing Rock Raiders before their air supply ran out. Bad luck! Mission failed.


You're getting very good! You found all the missing Rock Raiders. Mission complete.

Unlocked Level


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