Small Transport Truck

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Official artwork of the Small Transport Truck

The Small Transport Truck, also called the All-Terrain Rock Mover, is a vehicle from the LEGO Rock Raiders theme. It is a small four-wheeled motor vehicle with a single seat and a cargo hold. It can quickly and efficiently haul small loads of materials at high speeds. The Small Transport Truck appears in the LEGO set 4990 Rock Raiders HQ, where it can haul boulders around the eponymous HQ. Small Transport Trucks can only be used in the Windows version of the video game LEGO Rock Raiders; they do not appear at all in the PlayStation version (though the vehicle's name exists in its language files).

In LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows

A Rock Raider driving a Small Transport Truck

In the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders, the Small Transport Truck is classified as a small vehicle, and requires two energy crystals for power. A Rock Raider must be trained as a driver to use a Small Transport Truck.

Without upgrades, this vehicle can travel at a decent 2 blocks per second, and can carry up to three energy crystals or pieces of ore. It can also carry a single electric fence. It cannot, however, carry building studs, barriers, or drained energy crystals.

Official artwork of the Small Transport Truck with engine and scanner upgrades

Although the Small Transport Truck is a very useful vehicle, it can be problematic when constructing buildings and power paths, as it often delivers more materials than are required. This prevents buildings from being completed until the extra materials are removed, which Rock Raiders may fail to recognise for some time, causing them to ignore any manual orders to pick up extra materials from the building site – power paths and erosion repairing can be completed regardless, but Rock Raiders may get distracted from doing so by the extra ore. This can be mostly remedied, however, by building an Ore Refinery, preventing Small Transport Trucks from taking ore anywhere but there (though this bug will still occur with energy crystals).


The Small Transport Truck costs two energy crystals and requires the following for teleportation:

Upon telelporting down a Small Transport Truck for the first time, the help window will display this message:

You now have your first Small Transport Truck. You can use it to carry small items such as Ore and Energy Crystals.


A fully upgraded Small Transport Truck

There are three upgrades available for the Small Transport Truck:

  • Carry capability: Costs five pieces of ore. Adds a second cargo hold to the vehicle, doubling the capacity from three to six. It can still only carry a single electric fence.
  • Engine: Costs ten pieces of ore. Installs a pair of small jet engines similar to those on the Rapid Rider, increasing the vehicle's route speed from 2 blocks per second to 3 blocks per second.
  • Scanner: Costs five pieces of ore. Installs a scanner aboard the vehicle, with a scanning radius of 4 blocks.

In-game appearances

In other media

Axle and Bandit outracing magma

In Rock Raiders: High Adventure Deep Underground, Axle uses a Transport Truck to rescue Bandit from ice monsters that attacked Bandit's Rapid Rider, while Jet uses her Hover Scout to knock the monsters away. Axle and Bandit then encounter a slumbering rock whale, which wakes up and causes a magma flow. The two Rock Raiders (and a slimy slug) race away from the magma on the Transport Truck, and Bandit uses a blaster to cause a cave-in that blocks it. Axle and Bandit drive into a swarm of rock monsters that start to cause another cave-in, and Sparks has to quickly teleport them out.

The Small Transport Truck also appears in the mini comic book for the set 4990 Rock Raiders HQ, where Bandit uses it to dump the leftover rock from a refined energy crystal into the Rapid Rider's cargo hold, though part of it misses and hits Docs instead.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Czech Čeština Malý transportér
Dutch Nederlands Kleine vrachtwagen
Finnish Suomi Pieni vaunu
French Français Véhicule de transport léger
German Deutsch Kleiner transporter
Hebrew עִבְרִית
משאית תעבורה קטנה
Masa'ita tuvala ktana
Italian Italiano Piccolo camion da trasporto
Japanese 日本語
Sumōru toransupōto torakku
Korean 한국어
Sohyeong unban chalyang
Norwegian Norsk Liten lastebil
Polish Polski Pojazd transportowy
Russian Русский
Малый грузовик
Malyy gruzovik
Spanish Español Camión de transporte pequeño
Danish and Swedish releases left this vehicle's name unchanged