Veronica Voltage

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File:Veronica Voltage.png
Veronica Voltage introducing the player to their final opponent

"Congratulations!! You've proven yourself to be a true LEGO Champion! But it's not over yet..."

Veronica Voltage is a major character featured in LEGO Racers.


Veronica is both a brilliant scientist, and a formidable racer. She is good friends with Rocket Racer, and travelled with him to find the best racers in the LEGO universe. Veronica is credited with designing a "dimensional warp machine" that allowed her and Rocket Racer to travel throughout the galaxy, and even through time.

Lego Racers

While Veronica Voltage does not compete in the standard Circuits featured in LEGO Racers, she appears as the opponent of the Time Race portion of the game. During a Time Race, the player races to beat the best time records held by Veronica on each of the standard tracks in the game, excluding Rocket Racer Run. Veronica will race the player while driving her "phantom car" as a visual representation of the time to beat, similar to a "staff ghost" feature in other racing games. Once the player beats all of the best times, they will be awarded Veronica Voltage's carset.


  • Veronica Voltage is the granddaugter of Professor Ignatius Voltage from the LEGOLand PC game.
  • Veronica Voltage is featured in the console version of the Lego Racers intro movie, but does not appear in the PC version of the intro.
  • Despite Veronica's relationship with Rocket Racer, she does not appear, nor is she mentioned in LEGO Racers 2.