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Axle and Docs racing away from onrushing Lava.

Axle (sometimes spelled Axel) is one of the six main Characters from Rock Raiders.

Personality & Specialties

Axle blast-stuck in a wall.

Axle is the team's expert Driver, and generally has a reckless personality. He will, almost invariably, dive immediately into a dangerous situation, though he knows how to defend himself effectively. Axle's ability to handle anything with wheels is second to none; he has won the Lego World Racing Champion award three times. Axle is happiest when he is driving the Chrome Crusher, the Rock Raiders' largest land vehicle or the speedy Small Transport Truck. Axle also enjoys telling jokes, all of which are lame. He hates Snakes, Scorpions, and Small Spiders, and usually quivers at the sight of them. His position on the L.M.S. Explorer is Midshipman. He is also good friends with Sparks and Docs.

Appearances in PC Game

Axle appears in most of the Cut Scenes in the Rock Raiders PC Game, these include:

He does not appear in the PC game's gameplay. However, his voice can be heard in the spoken names of the land Vehicles and the various controllable functions of all vehicles, as well as the "Train as Driver" option.

Role in the Playstation Game

In the Playstation game, Axle is one of the five playable characters. Axle can repair any damage to the vehicle he is driving, and can upgrade land vehicles to move faster.

Lego Set Appearances

Axle appears in five different Lego Sets, listed below.