Enabling the Tunnel Transport

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In the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders, the Tunnel Transport only appears in the level Frozen Frenzy, where it can be seen at the end of the level, but not interacted with. Fortunately, most of the code and files for it as a functional vehicle still exist, and mods have been made for what doesn't.


In the Stats {} section, find the section for the Tunnel Transport. By default, it should look like this:

		LargeHeli {
			Levels			3
			RouteSpeed			00.300:00.400:00.500
			TrackDist			80.0
			CollRadius			0.0
			CollHeight			0.0
			PickSphere			20.0

			ShowHealthBar		TRUE

			EngineSound			SND_HeliEngine

Replace the entire section with the following block:

		LargeHeli {
			Levels			1
			CanBeDriven		TRUE
			RouteSpeed		00.500
			TrackDist		80.0
			CollRadius		22.0
			CollHeight		30.0
			PickSphere		50.0
			CrossLand		TRUE
			CrossWater		TRUE
			CrossLava		TRUE
			UseBigTeleporter	TRUE
			InvisibleDriver		TRUE
			CarryVehicles		TRUE
			SurveyRadius		5
			CostCrystal		6

			ShowHealthBar		TRUE

			EngineSound		SND_HeliEngine

The RouteSpeed can be set to a higher value, such as 01.500 to allow it to go faster.

Next, find the Dependencies {} section, which by default is the last section before the Levels {} section. By default, the final property in this section is AlwaysCheck:LargeCat. Create a new line below it, but before the curly bracket closing the section, and add the following line:

		AlwaysCheck:LargeHeli				Pilot:0,ToolStation:1,TeleportPad:2,PowerStation:1,Barracks:2,TeleportBig:1

This gives the Tunnel Transport nearly the same teleportation dependencies as the Chrome Crusher, but also requiring a Level 2 Teleport Pad like the Tunnel Scout does.


Download this mod (replace when forums are back up). Go into the Vehicles folder and delete the entire LargeHeli folder. Move the LargeHeli folder from the download into Vehicles.


	Mediumpoly  {
			LPH_heli2				VLP_heli
			LPH_helibackbit			VLP_back
			LPH_helibackbitflip		VLP_backflip

Delete this entire section.