1274 Light Hover

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1274 1 Light Hover (1ライトホバー Ichi raito hobā), also known as Hovercraft With Searchlight and Rock Raiders Mobile Vehicle, is a Rock Raiders set released released in 2000[verify] in a rare Kabaya collection. It contains 25 pieces and has no MSRP or list price as it was sold for free with Kayaba Sweets Packages. It came packaged in a very small bag or box and features Jet with the Light Hover, a small hovercraft not unlike the Hover Scout or Hoverboard. Its alternate design appears to be a vehicle designed to travel across lava.

Set Details

Release: 2000
Pieces: 25
MSRP: Unknown
Set No. 1274-1
Inventory: (See Below) / On Peeron / On BrickLink
Instructions: On RRUKB / On LEGO / On Peeron


Part Number: Quantity: Part Color:
30236 3 Dark Gray
4740 3 Dark Gray
30194 1 Dark Gray
3795 1 Dark Gray
3039px16 1 Dark Gray
241b 2 Dark Turquoise
4735 2 Light Gray
30237 1 Light Gray
4073 3 Trans-Neon Green
4592 2 Yellow
4593 2 Black
6019 1 Yellow
x168 1 Dark Gray
2447 1 Trans-Neon Green
3626bpaj 1 Yellow w/Rock Raiders Jet Face Pattern
970c00 1 Blue
973paj 1 Blue w/Rock Raiders Jet Torso Pattern