Split Down The Middle

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Level 16 - Split Down The Middle

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Find Rock Raider HQ and Collect 25 Energy Crystals

Cut Scene


A team of our Rock Raiders has been separated by a rock fall in a dangerous area of a distant cavern. The scanners show that the whole area is suffering tremors and is unstable. Help both teams to find their way back to the Rock Raider HQ and ensure that the whole area is free from any more cave-ins! Once you have rescued both teams, continue our mining operation and collect twenty-five Energy Crystals.




Icy Terrain


The base is somewhere in the center of the map. To get to it, both teams have to go up and around.


You didn't rescue both teams and collect twenty-five Energy Crystals. Mission failed.


Both teams rescued and twenty-five Energy Crystals collected? You're making our job very easy. Well done. Mission complete.

Unlocked Level


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