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Bandit aboard the L.M.S. Explorer.
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Bandit is one of the six main Characters from Rock Raiders.

Personality and Specialties

Bandit is the Rock Raiders' aquatic expert, and is happiest when cruising the underground lakes and rapids of Planet U on the Rapid Rider. He is also the Rock Raiders' head navigator. As such, he always knows his exact location. After spending so much time underwater and on the Rapid Rider, he tends to be a little shaky on land. Bandit cannot tolerate any tomfoolery, and therefore does not get along well with Axle. He typically keeps to himself. If a situation is not tenable, he will grumble for hours. Bandit can also easily sneak into a Monster's territory and escape with the Energy Crystals without awakening the Monster. His position on the L.M.S. Explorer is Sub-Lieutenant.

Appearances in the PC Game

Bandit with his hat off

Bandit appears in a few Cut Scenes in the PC Game. These include:

Bandit never appears in gameplay. However he can be heard saying the names of the aquatic Vehicles.

Role in the Playstation Game

In the Playstation game, Bandit is one of the five playable characters. Bandit is the only Rock Raider that can swim through water without taking damage.

Lego Set Appearances

Bandit only appears in four Lego Sets: