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Bats are a mostly harmless Enemy in the PC Game. Bats fly around the map in flocks of typically eight individual bats. They fly around in quick circular motions. In the default game, they are the rarest enemy encountered, and only appear in Ice Spy, Hot Stuff, and Rocky Horror, missions which are Icy, Molten and Rocky respectively.


Bats are irritating rather than dangerous. Rock Raiders are very frightened by them, and will drop whatever they are doing, be it construction, gathering Materials, Mining, Recharging Energy Crystals, and run away. This often causes them to forget what they were doing. Bats are attracted by noises, and will be inexorably drawn to mining activities.


There is no viable method of defending against Bats. If they are causing trouble around Rock Raider HQ, they can be lured away by making loud noises away from base from things such as drilling, using dynamite, and deployment of Sonic Blasters. Also, Small Transport Trucks can easily be used for material gathering, as Rock Raiders in Vehicles are not affected by Bats.