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Eroding Lava has multiple stages before it turns into Lava

Eroding Lava is a very dangerous Environmental Threat to Rock Raiders, Vehicles, and Buildings alike.

  • Areas of potential Lava Erosion are designated in the file.


Eroding Lava is the main hazard in Molten Caverns. If left unchecked, it can cut off accessibility to various caverns and Materials, and even destroy Rock Raiders HQ altogether. In eroding areas, basic Ground, Rubble, and Power Paths (even Building Foundations) will slowly erode, and eventually turn into Lava destroying any Buildings & potentially doing damage Vehicles and Rock Raiders in its path. It can advance across any Ground Type, and occasionally can even seep through Walls.

Stage of Lava Erosion cut from the PC Game.

There are 4 stages of Lava Erosion:

  • Light Erosion
  • Moderate Erosion
  • Significant Erosion
  • Full Erosion (Lava itself).

(Originally there was another first stage of erosion, but it was cut from the game in the beta stages.)

Erosion can occur on all Terrains. However, there were originally no textures made for erosions on Icy Terrain, so those erosions appear as normal Ground until it turns into Lava, which makes them very dangerous. Various Mods have included erosion textures for Icy Terrain.


Protecting HQ from Lava with Power Paths

Eroding Lava can be slowed down by the use of Power Paths; however, these will not halt the advance indefinitely. Power Paths that are powered by a Power Station last the longest against Eroding Lava. Lava erosion can also be repaired by two pieces of Ore. In order to mine a cavern most efficiently, areas near Lava must be kept under nearly constant maintenance to keep the Lava from advancing. Occasionally, Lava may be spreading too quickly, and the only choice is to evacuate to a safer location. Lava appears orange under the Radar, while squares where Lava is not fully eroded, but still in the process, appear as normal Ground, a dark purple.