Dozer Daze

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I've got a problem at one of our key mining operations. Due to a malfunction in the Teleport System, an urgently-needed Chrome Crusher has been beamed down to an empty cavern some way south of the mining site. Your job is go down there and make sure the Chrome Crusher reaches its destination safely. Normally, I wouldn't ask you to do such a simple job like this, but - it's not as simple as it sounds. Between the the Chrome Crusher and the mining site lies a vast spiders' nest. Needless to say, you should be careful! You are authorised to use any vehicles and equipment necessary to make sure that the Chrome Crusher reaches its destination as quickly as possible.



Rocky Terrain



Bad luck, Rock Raider! Your shield ran out, so you had to go.


Good work, Rock Raider! That Chrome Crusher will really help speed up the mining operation!


  • Bronze - 10:00
  • Silver - 6:00
  • Gold - 4:00