1275 Chain Dozer

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1275 2 Chain Dozer (2チェーンドーザー Ni chēn dōzā), also known as Rock Saw Vehicle and Rock Raiders Wheeled Vehicle, is a Rock Raiders set released released in 2000[verify] in a rare Kabaya promotional collection. It contains 22 pieces and has no MSRP or list price as it was sold for free with Kayaba Sweets Packages. It came packaged in a very small bag or box and features Bandit with the Chain Dozer, a very small vehicle seemingly meant to clear through debris, but with rock saws rather than a scoop or shovel. Its alternate model appears to be the same idea, but for drilling into the ground. This set did not include instructions, however it can easily be assembled from the picture.

Set Details

Release: 2000
Pieces: 22
MSRP: None
Set No. 1275-1
Inventory: (See Below) / On Peeron / On BrickLink
Instructions: None


Part Number: Quantity: Part Color:
3641 4 Black
30194 2 Dark Gray
3962b 1 Dark Gray
2412b 1 Dark Turquoise
3614 2 Light Gray
4600 2 Light Gray
3829c01 1 Light Gray
4624 4 Light Gray
3020 1 Yellow
3626bpah 1 Yellow w/Rock Raiders Bandit Face Pattern
3833 1 Black
973pah 1 Red w/Rock Raiders Bandit Torso Pattern
970c00 1 Blue