Tribal Island Trail

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Tribal Island Trail is the first race of the second circuit and fourth race of the fifth circuit (mirrored) in LEGO Racers. In the Game Boy Color version, it is also the first race of the second circuit, and the third race of the fifth circuit (mirrored).


Tribal Island Trail is taken from the Islanders subtheme of Pirates. The course takes place on the Enchanted Island that the islanders live on, and their structures and statues are scattered around. An islander represents this course, while the island leader King Kahuka hosts Circuit 2.

Track layout

The view from the starting line
A statue and alternate path

The track starts by the shore, with an islander catamaran floating in the waters. The track curves left and passes a small ravine, which the player can travel through for a power plus brick at the cost of lost speed. The track makes a right turn and travels up a hill1, then makes a sharp left turn near a hut down into a swamp with two crocodiles blocking parts of the path. The track turns right again and makes its way straight to the entrance of a cave2. Inside the cave3, the track swings around to the right of a small lake as it makes its way downhill past more huts, then back up to the exit of the cave, a short distance from the starting line.


  • 1Right behind the statue is a short, sandy path that will drop the player into the crocodile swamp, skipping the sharp turn.
  • 2Right after the entrance to the cave, a small tunnel departs from the left wall of the main cave, skipping nearly all of it.
  • 3Once inside the cave, the player can take two alternate paths: going to the left of the lake will gain a green brick, and going through the lake will gain three power plus bricks. Either way causes a loss of speed.