Axle's Mission

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Your main objective is to collect the Green Energy Crystals. To help you on your way, we have beamed down a Small Digger, as we think that there will be a lot of drilling to do, and this will speed up the process. Watch out. We have detected lifeforms down there, but you will be safe inside the Small Digger. Some dynamite has been left from the last Rock Raiders who were down there which might help you collect any Red Energy Crystals. Good Luck Rock Raider!



Rocky Terrain



Bad luck, Rock Raider! Your shield ran out, so I had to beam you back to the ship.


Congratulations! You have successfully managed to steer yourself to safety.


  • Bronze - 12 Energy Crystals
  • Silver - 12 Energy Crystals, 1 Red Energy Crystal
  • Gold - 12 Energy Crystals, 1 Red Energy Crystal, 2:30