Rock monster

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A Rock Monster in-game (high-poly)

The Rock Monster is the monster that appears on the Rocky Terrain. It is the smallest of the major monster types, the least threatening, and the most common type.


The laser beam is the most useful defensive weapon, as it does 110 damage, which will kill a rock monster in one hit. The pusher beam does only 2 damage, and will only push it away half a square. The freezer beam does 5 damage and freezes a rock monster for 25 seconds. They are scared by big bangs, such as those created by dynamite and the sonic blaster. They will eat up to 6 energy crystals at a time.

Lego Set Appearances

The rock monster is the only Monster Type to appear in the Lego Sets. It had a movable arm that could hold an energy crystal. It otherwise appeared hunched over more than twice the size of a typical mini-figure. It only appeared in the typical brown color without the red eyes typically seen in other media. The rock monster appeared in two sets: