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The original retail box for the English Windows version

LEGO Rock Raiders is a video game developed by Data Design Interactive in conjunction with Artworld UK and published by LEGO Media International for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation on 15 November 1999.


Windows version

The Windows version is a real-time strategy game, often cited as being similar to Dungeon Keeper or Dune II. Unlike many real-time strategy games, many units will automatically perform tasks on their own without player input.

There are twenty-five levels.

The game begins with only the first level unlocked; completing it will unlock the next two levels in the row below it on the level selection menu.

Most of the twenty-five missions require the player to collect a specific amount of Energy Crystals for completion, starting with a goal of five in the first set of missions and gradually increasing in later ones up to fifty in the final mission. Some missions instead require the player to rescue Rock Raiders that have been trapped by cave-ins, retrieve missing vehicles, or construct a specific building.

PlayStation version



Data Design Interactive, Artworld, etc.

PlayStation. In March 1999, six months before the PlayStation version of LEGO Rock Raiders was due to be submitted to Sony[1]


LEGO Rock Raiders was initially announced in February 1999, along with LEGOLAND, LEGO Friends, and LEGO Racers. At the time, it was scheduled to be released in September for both Windows and PlayStation, and was to have a retail price of US$40–$45.[2] The September release date was still publicized as late as August of that year.[3] In May 1999, all four games were demonstrated at E3 1999 in Los Angeles, California, at LEGO Media booth #1524.[4]

Windows version

The Microsoft Windows version was released on 15 November 1999 in North America,[5] 30 November 1999 in Europe,[citation needed] in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and Portuguese. In Italy, the game was distributed by Leader and priced at 100 lire/ITL.[6][7]

The Russian version was translated by Logrus (Логрус) and released in Russia by Noviy Disk (Новый Диск) on 25 September 2000, with a retail price of 27 Y.E. (USD).[8][9] From 28 October to 12 November 2000, demonstrations were held for LEGO Rock Raiders, along with LEGO Chess, LEGO LOCO, LEGO Friends, and LEGO Racers, in the foyer of Moscow theater Kodak Cinema World (Кодак Киномир Kodak Kinomir).[10]

The Japanese version was translated and released by Eidos Interactive (アイドス) in Japan on 8 December 2000 with an open price; it initially sold for around ¥6000.[11][12]

The Polish version was released in Poland by Cenega S.A. (cs, pl) on 26 July 2001, with a retail price of 99 złoty/PLN.[13][14] Cenega also released the Czech version in the Czech Republic in 2001.[15]

The Hebrew translation was released in Israel by Hed Arzi (הד ארצי‎‎) in 2000.[citation needed] The engine was modified for this release to display text right-to-left. Unlike other translations, which used the English title and logo, this version's title was translated into Hebrew (the Japanese and Korean versions used transliterations of the English title and kept the original logo) and changed to LEGO Space Mission (לגו משימה בחלל Lego Template:Tt Template:Tt).

In South Korea, the game was published by SsangYong (쌍용)[16] and distributes by Joypark with a retail price of 32000 KRW. All text was translated to Korean, but the dialogue used the original English audio instead of new Korean recordings.

PlayStation version

The PlayStation version was released on 17 August 2000 in North America.[17]

The European release came with English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Danish, and Finnish languages.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Hebrew עִבְרִית
לגו משימה בחלל
Japanese 日本語
Korean 한국어
레고 락 레이더스


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