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edit·history·watch·refresh  To-do list for Template:To do:

  • This is just a test to-do list to help editors make sure that the text
  • shows
    1. up
    2. correctly
  • Normally, the "/to do" subpage should only be created under the article's Talk page, unless it is a notice board or project page.
  • To use this template for an article, insert {{to do}} at the top of that article's Talk discussion page. To use it for a project or as your own personal list, add it to the project page or your user page, respectively.

Please remove tasks from the above list as they are completed.

Usage instructions

This template adds a to-do list to a talk page. Once it has been added, click the edit button to add a to-do list to a ./to do sub-page of the talk page. The talk page will then be listed in Category:RRUKB to-do lists.

Note: Please do not spam this template speculatively to talk pages, as it should only be added when editors are actually going to use it. Unused templates may be removed by any editor without warning. Empty lists will appear in Category:RRUKB to-do lists, unused; once everything in the list has been completed, please delete the template and the ./to do page.

Examples of this include:

  • On an article when a specific section of it needs additional work or information
  • On a category when many or all pages under it need a specific, similar sort of work done on them
  • On an image if it needs better editing or a better version uploaded

Once the template has been added, the page will be listed in Category:RRUKB to-do lists.


  • {{To do|inner=Blah Blah Blah}} – uses the contents of 'inner' as the to do list
  • {{To do|list=./TODO}} – uses the subpage ./TODO as the to do list, instead of subpage ./to do
  • {{To do|nocats=yes}} – doesn't include the page in any categories
  • {{To do|small=yes}} – formats the to do list as the 'small' version (don't do this)
  • {{To do|target=Baz}} – uses the to do list of page Baz instead