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Usage instructions

This template italicizes all or part of a page's title. Article titles can't contain working wiki formatting, as attempting to add it will just result in it becoming part of the page's URL, and the title's font appearance will not be affected. Italicized titles should be used when italics would be used in running text. For complete instructions on when to italicize titles, please see RRU Knowledge Base:Guidelines § Italic type.

To use this template, add {{italic title}} to an article, preferably at the top. This will cause the entire title to display in italics.

To italicize only part of the title, add a parameter consisting of the page's full exact title with normal Mediawiki italic formatting '' around the parts of the title desired to be italicized. An example of this usage is {{italic title|''Italic'' title}}, which causes the word Italic in this template's title to display as italic text. Note that the page's namespace does not count as part of its title, and can't be included as part of this parameter without returning an error message.

Example usage

  • {{italic title}}
    Example title 1
  • {{italic title|Example ''title'' 2}}
    Example title 2


Aside from the apostrophes needed to create italic text, the title given must be identical to the page title. Any changes will result in the template being ignored and an error message being displayed. For example, if the namespace is included in this template's title, the following error message will display on the editing screen:

Warning: Display title "Template:Template:<i>Italic</i> title" was ignored since it is not equivalent to the page's actual title.

Multiple instances of {{italic title}} on a page will cause something like the following error message to display:

Warning: Display title "Template:<i>Italic</i> title" overrides earlier display title "Template:<i>Italic title</i>".