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This article is about a game mod for LEGO Rock Raiders. The contents of this page are not relevant to the original game or to do with official media.

Time Raiders features new buildings and changes the look of some of the original buildings, but there aren't many changes overall. The emphasis on refining ore has been increased due to the roles that the "tower" buildings play. With towers, new drilling options open up along with one special feature that wasn't included in the original game.

Mobile Buildings

Please note that Command Ships cannot be upgraded like traditional vehicles. They may receive upgrades automatically as you progress through the game. Refer to the vehicles page for more info on the Command Ships.

Schneider's Command Ship


Present - A small, floating spaceship about the size of a truck that can store matter as energy by "freezing" the teleportation process. It holds materials and tools, as well as the commander. Since it's floating in the air, there's no problem with people or vehicles clipping through it, though it still has a collision radius. It cannot be teleported down because it's a mobile building, and thus instantly fails the mission if it is destroyed or teleported out. By design, the building itself has no upgrades, but throughout the story it will get permanent upgrades by changing what vehicle it uses.

Jacred's Command Ship


This is just like Schneider's CS, as it can fly and pick up materials on its own. It also has a working drilling lazer (not visible in picture). It counts as a tool store so you can use it to help create buildings.

Glaven's Command Ship

Since Glaven's CS isn't playable (it shouldn't be but this is subject to change) it technically can't do anything that the other Command Ships can. However, it still has the ability to store and teleport materials, raiders, and tools.

Immobile Buildings

All buildings are from the present. Their costs are not set in stone as of yet because I want them to be fair and balanced.

Power Station

Dependencies: Time Raider UP1

If the technology works, don't change it, repaint it! Costs 12 ore and 2 spheres.

Landing Pad

Dependencies: Power Station, Time Raider UP1

All purpose teleport pad. All vehicles will be warped in from this, and it's a rather large building due to the big landing pad. Trains drivers and pilots. Will offer SnaxULike. Costs 30 ore.


Dependencies: Power Station

It looks like an actual dock, with a Protoss Collector on the side that generates ore slowly over time. Costs 15 ore and one sphere.

Stabilization Station

Dependencies: Power Station UP1

Acts like the Support Station in practice, but with three giant spikes holding into the ground and a weird temporal gyroscope, it keeps the ground from dissolving beneath the raiders' feet. I'm thinking of just jury-rigging the stabilization hardware onto a highpoly Support Station since that will look like a quick solution when the raiders first discovered the asteroids falling apart. Costs 15 ore and 1 sphere, maybe. You need to build lots of these to bring down more vehicles, buildings, and raiders.

Protoss Refinery

Dependencies: Power Station UP1, Stabilization Station UP1, Time Raider UP2

Some buildings require too much raw protoss to make, so if you refine it you can build them much more easily. All of the towers require it because they float. Why does floating mean more ore? Dunno, but half of this technology comes from the raiders' future selves, so even they don't fully understand it. I might just recolor this like the Power Station is since refining protoss shouldn't be much more difficult than refining whatever standard ore is. Costs 20 ore and 2 spheres.

Upgrade Tower


Power Station UP1, Stabilization Station

This building looks a lot different from the crane that Rock Raiders use. It's actually a mech that uses its folding arms to upgrade vehicles. It was made in a joint development between The Wizard and [insert secret alien race here hahaha] and shares some of the Unraveler's experimental technology. Because it can access parts on a vehicle from many angles, it offers more advanced upgrades than the Upgrade Station. Trains Engineers. Costs 50 ore or 5 refined ore.

Defense Tower


Dependencies: Power Station UP2, Stabilization Station UP2

Gunstation that floats. Mounts the powerful Monster Buster lazer. Costs 60 ore and 2 spheres or 5 refined ore and 2 spheres.

Distributor Tower

Dependencies: Power Station UP2, Stabilization Station UP2

Special healing tower that floats. Short range, slow to recharge, eats up one sphere per shot. Raiders get 50 health per shot, vehicles get about 25. Buildings get about 10 but they can be repaired by Engineers so it's only recommended for reinforcing key buildings from monster attacks. Costs 70 ore and 3 spheres or 8 refined ore and 3 spheres. Currently the lazer gives around 150 health per shot to anything despite the base damage being -50.0. No multipliers have been coded in yet.