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[[Image:TimeRaidersLoading.jpg|thumb|350px|The Main Loading Screen from Time Raiders]]
[[Image:TimeRaidersLoading.jpg|thumb|350px|The Main Loading Screen from Time Raiders]]
'''LEGO Rock Raiders: Time Raiders''' is an overhaul lead by [[User:Cirevam|Cirevam]] with help from Anonymouse, addictgamer, Amauros, Fengir, TheDoctor (who originally broke the combo), William and Drill Master. It includes several brand-new buildings, vehicles and a modified economy system to completely change how the game is played. Vehicle Pack 1 was released on December 25, 2011 and is available on Rock Raiders United.
'''''LEGO Rock Raiders'': Time Raiders''' is an overhaul mod for the Windows version of [[LEGO Rock Raiders (video game)|''LEGO Rock Raiders'']]. The mod's creation is lead by [[User:Cirevam|Cirevam]] with help from Anonymouse, addictgamer, Amauros, Fengir, TheDoctor (who originally broke the combo), William and Drill Master. It includes several brand-new buildings, vehicles and a modified economy system to completely change how the game is played. Vehicle Pack 1 was released on December 25, 2011 and is available on Rock Raiders United.

<!--[[Gallery:Time Raiders|View some in-progress objects here.]]-->[[Time Raiders documentation|Developer docs are located here.]]
<!--[[Gallery:Time Raiders|View some in-progress objects here.]]-->[[Time Raiders documentation|Developer docs are located here.]]

==Modification Overview==
==Modification Overview==

===Character List===
===Character List===
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==Gallery==<!--I merged this page into the main article since it only had four (now six) images, if it grows significantly please re-split-->
==Gallery==<!--I merged this page into the main article since it only had four (now six) images, if it grows significantly please re-split-->
Image:TRGunz.png|The weapons that the Pilot, Featherfoot, Technician, and Bruiser use.
Image:TRGunz.png | The weapons that the Pilot, Featherfoot, Technician, and Bruiser use.
Image:NearlyFullBuggy.png|A stock Buggy next to a fully upgraded one. The rollcage is a defensive conversion.
Image:NearlyFullBuggy.png | A stock Buggy next to a fully upgraded one. The rollcage is a defensive conversion.
Image:TimeRaider.png|A Time Raider.
Image:TimeRaider.png | A Time Raider.
Image:WaveMasterInGameV1.png|The Wave Master, sans its plasma cutter.
Image:WaveMasterInGameV1.png | The Wave Master, sans its plasma cutter.
SchneiderAndCommandShip.png|Schneider in the original version of his Command Ship.
SchneiderAndCommandShip.png | Schneider in the original version of his Command Ship.
AssaultCruiserWiki.png|Blast piloting an Assault Cruiser.
AssaultCruiserWiki.png | Blast piloting an Assault Cruiser.

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[[Category:Time Raiders| ]]
[[Category:Time Raiders| ]]
[[Category:Rock Raiders United]]
[[Category:Rock Raiders United]]
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{{LEGO Game Mods
|title=Time Raiders
|game=LEGO Rock Raiders (Windows)

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The Main Loading Screen from Time Raiders

LEGO Rock Raiders: Time Raiders is an overhaul mod for the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders. The mod's creation is lead by Cirevam with help from Anonymouse, addictgamer, Amauros, Fengir, TheDoctor (who originally broke the combo), William and Drill Master. It includes several brand-new buildings, vehicles and a modified economy system to completely change how the game is played. Vehicle Pack 1 was released on December 25, 2011 and is available on Rock Raiders United.

Developer docs are located here.

Modification Overview

Character List

  • The Wizard – Does what The Chief does, raspy voice. According to his future self, he invented several of the technologies that are used over the course of the game. Thanks for the name, Epic. Black with orange sleeves.
  • Tempus – Tactician, will guide you through early tutorials, does general voiceovers. He is probably part of a perpetual, five-dimensional conspiracy. Green sleeve.
  • Blast – Weapons Expert, does some vehicle and weapon voiceovers. Red with a black prosthetic arm.
  • Endeck – Mineral analyst, does the "A Time Sphere has been located" voiceover, and for when you discover something. He sounds bored quite often because he hasn't seen anything new in a cavern for years. Mostly green with blue accents. Rama, not minifig.
  • Jacuzzi – The LDS Geloden's AI operator. She uploads your mission (de)briefings to you and will guide you through a few tutorial missions.
  • Schneider – The player character. He is a new commander, but is not green in the slightest. Unlike other videogame protagonists, Schneider has a personality and a voice.
  • Jacred – A commander. He shows up in one or two missions, usually with his own base already made. His Command Ship moves around and collects materials on its own to give a sense of autonomy, but you can still control it directly. His ship's weapons are mostly functional.
  • Glaven – Another commander, but is a Mech Elite and doesn't respect normal Lego people that much. He's the type of person that taunts you just to make you mad, and you will see his Command Ship once during the game.


Protoss ore, refined protoss, and a Time Sphere.
  • Time Sphere – This game's energy crystal, but used to transport objects through time rather than energize as nothing is directly built.
  • Protoss – This game's ore, which follows the same role. More of it can be found in walls than on Planet U.
  • Refined Protoss – The lumpy blue Protoss ore becomes a light blue brick after being refined.

Biomes & Rock Types

At least three biomes will be used for the main storyline. Minigames might use different ones.

  • Stone – It looks like a sort of hardy shale rock. Rock Monsters reside here.
  • Crystal – Multicolored crystals grow from strange white rock. Crystal Spiders live here.
  • Warped – Indescribable shapes all over the walls and a sea green color. Machine parts from a bygone age litter the caves. Metal Monsters make this their domain. Achtung: Levels may act in unpredictable ways.

Because some of the biomes don't actually use dirt or an equivalent, the names of the wall types will be slightly changed.

  • Weak Wall – The Dirt of the game.
  • Strong Wall – Loose Rock, but it takes several more seconds to drill through.
  • Hard Wall – Practically undrillable, but special lazers have been made to get through this in about ten seconds. It's really meant for secret areas that can only be accessed once your base is large enough.
  • Impenetrable Wall – Solid Rock.
  • Sphere and Protoss Seams – No real changes except for some graphical tweaks.

Level Structures

Levels as a whole are more linear in terms of the environment. In Planet U you have rock, ice, lava, more ice, more lava, a lot more rock, etc. In Time Raiders, the first six levels are in the Stone biome. The next six levels are in the Crystal biome. The remaining seven levels are in the Warped biome. The goal requirements for each overarching biome constantly increase up to the end of the biome, then lower at the start of the next biome before increasing again. For reference, the end level of the Stone biome requires 120 spheres. The end of Crystal requires 240, and the end of Warped costs 360. The beginning of Crystal might only require 50 or so, but eventually gets to 240 by the end. This helps players get accustomed to the biomes more easily. Some levels might even require ore collection or finding a certain vehicle or groups of raiders.

I've decreased the number of "storyline" levels and have decided that it would be better to come back to the earlier biomes, with greater challenges present.

In-Progress Levels

Note that storyline stages are linear and you must complete each one in order. The extra stages for each biome are unlocked when all of the storyline missions in that biome are completed.

  • Rock
  • The First Minute – Like Driller Night, but you need a few more Time Spheres and no one knows what they do yet. The Command Ship is immobile.
  • Crossing the Rift – This takes place on a riverbank. Collect sufficient materials on the left side before you cross the river to the other side. The Command Ship is immobile.
  • The Day the Bricks Stood Still – Introduce Ghost Slugs as common enemies, so you can fail this mission miserably. Collect around forty spheres, and by the next level the raiders will know what spheres can do. Your Command Ship's engines have been repaired.
  • Familiar Faces – Radio contact was lost with a small mining team with lots of signs as to what happened. Send a small scouting party to find them, but stay on your toes.
  • All Steamed Up – maybe
  • The Sanctuary of Stone – Final mission of the stone biome, you must collect an absurd amount of spheres whilst fighting off a huge horde of monsters.
  • Labyrinth – Extra Stage – A high-walled maze with sparse materials. Some raiders have been trapped by landslides and have send reports of large unidentified monsters. A fire team is being sent in to rescue them. The Command Ship is immobile because Wizard told you so.
  • Water Water Everywhere – Extra Stage – A huge level almost entirely covered in water. Use the Wave Master to drill rock and the Assault Cruiser to defend the Wave Master from the large number of Water Monsters in the area. You must use both the Wave Master plus the Wave Rebel to ferry stuff back to your base. The Command Ship is immobile.

  • Crystal
  • Crystal Resonance – Introduction to the Crystal biome. Introduce Crystal Spiders and Spectres.
  • Ford the River – Introduce Water Monsters. This level has two sides: one is mostly land and has plenty of drillable rock and materials, and the other side is mostly water but with dozens of Water Monsters preventing safe passage. The goal has two requirements, finding the Assault Cruiser so you can kill the monsters followed by having a raider or something else walking over a tuto block on the other side. Experimenting to see if Water Monsters can attack a mobile building when running into it with RandomMove will have to be done. If they can, great. If the Command Ship is basically invulnerable unless it stops over the water, then I'll come up with an excuse to kill the engines for this level.
  • Mountain of Justice – Scale a huge mountain to get to the materials at the top. Crystal Spiders constantly prevent you from progressing.
  • Exterminator – Too many Crystal Spiders are present, high threat mission authorizes use of Unraveler. If the NERPS function GetMonstersOnLevel works for ANY monster, then this mission will have a seek & destroy objective. The only problem with that is that tiny monsters are still monsters, but they don't always enter walls... so maybe you should just fight your way to some goal.
  • The Walk of Life – Don't Panic! ripoff. You will be chased by the Labyrinth monsters. If you played Labyrinth before this mission, you will know exactly why this mission will be a huge pain.
  • The Sanctuary of Crystal – Same idea as the first sanctuary, but you need more spheres.
  • Microdimension – Extra Stage – This is the densest crystal asteroid that we've found. BlockSize is set really low. This messes up many things. Larger vehicles are utterly useless as they can't fit through the tiny caverns. Good luck with that.
  • The Nietzsche Room – Extra Stage – A level that tries to mess with your mind by showing you desirable things but taking them out of reach, as well as strange messages being transmitted at random intervals. Collection-based.

  • Warped
  • The Echoing Caves – Introduction to the Warped biome. Perhaps merge with Industrial Revolution to make room for other Fengir levels.
  • Industrial Revolution – Introduce Metal Monsters. Have all of the raiders freak out as their buildings are nuked.
  • Role Reversal – ClearRubble should GenerateCrystal, but the mission requirements call for Protoss.
  • Time Pair O' Docks – Level name by Lair. It has two rivers with Docks on them. Collect 150 spheres but watch out for Water Monsters (or Seamonsters if I feel like making a minor RRU reference).
  • At the Gates – This asteroid is oddly symmetrical like the sanctuaries, but there are a few more asteroids past this one. A minor teleportation problem has displaced some Featherfoots that were assigned to you. Get them back to your base on the double and prepare for trouble, as we lost contact with Glaven here. He generally handles himself well, but it's doubtful that he would help you even if you find him. Maybe put this level closer to the start of this biome, but its name and design imply that it's leading to the next sanctuary...
  • The Sanctuary of the Do you mind – The Wizard is taking no chances anymore given what happened in the last asteroid. He is authorizing use of the Unraveler for this sanctuary and has given you a simple objective: collect 360 spheres and destroy all opposition.
  • The Crossroads – Final Level – Boss battle. The Command Ship is mobile, but that won't be helping you at all.
  • Slug's Fine Thread – Extra Stage – Slugs have carved out a long tunnel that's only three blocks wide. Push your way through to the end.
  • Burned Out – Extra Stage

Raider Classes

A Time Raider.
  • Time Raider (Pilot) – The standard raider, dressed in white. No change in statistics from the standard Pilot. Uses a beam rifle. Having an upgraded Time Raider is necessary to construct certain buildings.
  • Bruiser (Sailor) – The crowd control, draped in red. Slower in just about everything except for beam firing rate, and can carry more tools. Walks faster over rubble to keep up with monsters, and is tougher against landslides too. Uses a Laser Sword Gun Combo, which is a multipurpose weapon that can drill and carry objects. It is more effective at drilling seams than other rock types.
  • Scout (Driver) – The economist, clothed in azure. Faster in everything except drilling and shooting, holds fewer tools, and is barely slowed down by rubble. Uses a laser Uzi.
  • Technician (Geologist) – The repairman, wrapped in green. Faster when reinforcing walls and repairing buildings, and has an increased radar range when upgraded. Uses a saxophone.
  • Mechaug (Engineer) – The game breaker, forged in black steel. Takes all of the advantages of the rest, though it may not excel in specific areas. Can walk through water without fear of the monsters that lurk within. Can drill through Hard Walls when upgraded fully. Uses its hands as weapons, but is limited to two tools total as they are stored in the arms. A common insult is "megachug".

Defense Equipment

  • Shard Shot PowerCell – A short range weapon that fires depleted Energy Crystal shards like a shotgun. Because raiders like to fire it outside of its effective range, it's not very useful, but it is great against energy-based creatures like Ghost Slugs because the radiation emitted from rapidly decaying brickonium interferes with the energy frequencies in such creatures.
  • Plasma PowerCell – The standard weapon that fires blue bolts that explode on impact. Decent damage, about 25 to a Rock Monster and 30 to a slug.
  • Mitigator PowerCell – A more tactical weapon that halts the flow of time around a monster so others can shoot at it safely. Low damage, about 5 to a Rock Monster. This is definitely a future weapon.
  • That Tesla Thing That Doctor Made – Reskinned Electric Fence. It uses electricity, but it's more spectacular and a lot louder. Raiders, vehicles, and buildings all have personal energy shields around them which act as a Faraday cage, keeping them safe from the lightning bolts used by the T3DM Electric Fence.
  • Beacon – Reskinned Sonic Blaster. Makes a pillar of light appear and some other cool particles. Due to its uselessness it may be left unchanged UNLESS lengthening the animation increases the amount of time that the BirdScarer is in effect (it does). If I make the "explosion" last for a few minutes and it keeps monsters away for the entire time, then it can be a sort of scarecrow. Its range is much larger than I expected (it easily covers the entire initial cavern in Frozen Frenzy) so it might be overpowered in larger areas... but sometimes ScaredByBigBangs can be FALSE...


All vehicles will use the same building to be warped in, mainly due to problems with the Super Teleport crashing whenever I modify a Large Vehicle. Apparently the Super Teleport works fine now, but there will still be a singular building for vehicle creation.

Combat Conversion

A stock Buggy next to a fully upgraded one. The rollcage is a defensive conversion.

The Combat Conversion system is a modified upgrade system that is intended to strengthen the abilities of a vehicle or add new functions entirely. Additional weapons or armor are common, but some can change a vehicle's usability entirely. Water vehicles may not have upgrades at all, and due to their limited playing field, they will be somewhat better than the stock LRR vehicles. Also note that defensive conversions only help against landslides, lazers, and other environmental damage. Monsters will do the same amount of damage no matter what.

List of planned conversions:

  • Transport Buggy – Rollcage.
  • Digtank – Single drilling lazer to drill multiple walls at once.
  • Bulldozer – Rollcage.
  • Howitzer – A second cannon is created.
  • Armored Transport Truck – Ridiculous amounts of armor, to the point where it's practically immune to landslides. The speed is reduced because of the weight.
  • Pyrite Punisher – A floating Monster Buster lazer is created.


Please visit the above link for specific information on each of the Time Raiders' buildings. For now, this section will contain filler until I think of a summary. Maybe go into more detail about the emphasis on ore refining?


A Ghost Slug.
  • Ghost Slug – An etheric enemy that can manipulate space and resembles a Slimy Slug, these are common enemies that suck away the energy from Time Spheres. They are dispatched easily with two plasma shots.
  • Spectre – Spectres are the ethereal echoes of time ripples and are completely intangible. They look like ghostly purple orbs with several lights inside. They don't cause any harm and don't seem to distract the raiders.
  • Time Barriers – The appear to be standard bricks that shift between a green and red color scheme, and anything that gets near them stays in place due to a mysterious force.
  • Rock Monster – A tougher enemy than the Ghost Slug, but is otherwise mostly the same. It can't be OHKO'd anymore, but a few plasma shots will take it down.
  • Crystal Spider – Slowly created over time and is thus bound by it, but its sharp arms allow it to stab through armor with impunity.
  • Metal Monster – Merged with technology from another age, this is an extremely tough, but very slow, monster that fires long-range missiles.
  • Water Monster – A rarity that can only exist in the water. It poses little threat to buildings that sit away from the shore, but anything on or by the water is fair game. Wave Masters beware.
  • Guardian – Final boss. It will ruin your crap.
  • ??? – Some larger lifeforms have been detected, but we cannot gather any useful data on them.
  • All detailed information regarding monsters will remain classified.

Lego Defense Ship Geloden

Version 2 of the LDS Geloden

View the WIP page linked above for information.


Time Raiders should ideally offer several mini games and bonus missions instead of the eight tutorials. These will help accustom the player to new things that TR introduces as well as increasing replay value. There will be at least three training missions that are basically just overviews of new things, like how raiders cannot shovel rubble so vehicles must be used instead. Also note that none of these minigames will be ready for beta.

Cannon Launch

  • Use special cannons to launch yourself from island to island to collect as many spheres as possible before time, or your health, runs out.
  • The player will be a special dare-devil raider specifically tuned for this event and will be mostly incompatible with the main game if you decide to add him in via OL. This raider will be given a large amount of health so players don't have to worry too much.
  • This works by abusing a special property of monsters: they can grab a raider that walks over their grabbing null, no matter how far away the null is, and raiders always appear at the original origin of the monster after the grab animation is finished. If you set the grabbing null four squares away from the monster's origin, the raider will teleport to the monster's origin after being grabbed, regardless of what's between the grab null and the origin. the cannon monsters would have their visible model at their grab nulls, and their origins would be where launched raiders would land.
  • I'm dancing with on whether to use the O2 meter as a visual timer or to use the NERPS timer function with messages reminding you how long you have left. The O2 meter is being changed to a time meter anyways so I might use that.

Race to the Finish

  • Drive a special vehicle through the caverns and make it to each checkpoint before time runs out.
  • The timer is the O2 meter and each checkpoint is a cavern with a few Support Stations that will give you extra time, along with lava that will eventually erode and destroy only the checkpoint area. When you leave the checkpoint, the timer starts again.
  • A monster with a high positive OxygenCoef and a high positive HealthDecay might be easier than coordinating lava and buildings...

Shooting Gallery

  • Destroy as many monsters as possible. Waves after waves come in increasing density. If they destroy your base, you lose.


Additional Information

  • Dynamite will be removed from the game as vehicles are a main focus and almost anything can drill when Combat Converted. The interface is being changed to reflect this (never allow raiders to train as Explosive Experts and make the dynamite button look broken).
  • All raiders, vehicles, and buildings except for the Command Ships cause destabilization. The Stabilization Station attempts to hold the asteroid, but you'll find that you'll have to build many stations in later missions when you're making tons of buildings and raiders. In defense levels you'll be struggling to get more Stations up so that monsters warping in don't cause the ground the crack apart. You won't need to worry about destabilization if you're lucky enough to have an Unraveler.

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