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Official render of the Support Station

The Support Station is a building used for supplying food and cleaning the air in caverns. Like most Rock Raiders buildings, it did not appear in any LEGO set.

In the Windows game

In the Windows version of LEGO Rock Raiders, the Support Station is one of the four buildings unlocked upon upgrading the Power Station. It takes up a 2x1 space, with one construction block in the center and one power path to the front. Once it has been constructed and powered, it will begin cleaning the air in the cavern. The Hover Scout, Small Digger, and Small Transport Truck can also now be teleported at the Teleport Pad. Rock Raiders that become hungry will now automatically stop their current task and go to eat sandwiches at the Support Station. This can potentially inconvenience the player if crucial tasks were being done by the offending Rock Raiders, though this can be prevented through micromanagement by manually selecting Rock Raiders starting to get hungry and pressing Feed Rock Raider to force them to eat.

One Support Station supports ten Rock Raiders. This means that if a level has a draining air supply, a maximum of ten Rock Raiders per each Support Station can be safely teleported down, with any more causing the air supply to begin dropping again. If there is no danger of air running out, ten Rock Raiders per each Support Station can be safely teleported down in addition to the nine Rock Raiders that can be teleported down by default.


The Support Station as portrayed in the Windows game

There are two upgrade levels available for the Support Station:


The Support Station costs 3 energy crystals and 15 pieces of ore (or 3 building studs) and requires the following for construction:

In the PlayStation game

The Support Station as portrayed in the PlayStation game

In the PlayStation version of LEGO Rock Raiders, the Support Station does not have any function, as draining oxygen is not a threat. It only appears in the level Supply Base[verify], where it can be found in a cavern with a rock monster. The rock monster will not attempt to destroy the building, instead choosing to path towards the player.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Hebrew עִבְרִית
תחנת תמיכה
Norwegian Norsk Proviantstasjon