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  • to store animations. The FLIC animation format was originally developed by [[Wikipedia:Autodesk|Autodesk, Inc.]] for use with [[Wikipedia:Autodesk Ani [[Category:File formats in LEGO Rock Raiders for Windows]]
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  • ...hey are located in LEGO Media/Games/Rock Raiders, or whatever location the game is installed to. ...of the original unmodified LegoRR0.wad and LegoRR1.wad. This can be done by simply copying a pair to a separate location, but it is advisable not to pl
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  • ...f preference. Every [[LEGO Rock Raiders missions|mission]] has its own PTL file located in its level folder, and will crash while loading if one does not e These probably need to be sorted by whether they can be used as expressions or responses, but it's sorta ambigu
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  • ...ctive]] which is used in the Windows version of [[LEGO Rock Raiders (video game)|''LEGO Rock Raiders'']]. It consists of a bytecode language that is stored in [[NPL file]]s, each level then has a NERPFile parameter in [[Lego.cfg]] that tells it
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  • ...section in [[Lego.cfg]] using the property <code>OListFile</code>, and is by default located within that level's folder. ...ritten with braced sections that are human-readable. The entirety of each file's data is contained within a {{block|Lego*}} section. Each listed object is
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  • ...and designate various types of markers used for a variety of functions in-game. Multiple map files are stored in every level's folder. They use the filena ...are an older version of the map format or whether they were something used by the original level editor.
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