LEGO Racers 2

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LEGO Racers 2 is the sequel to LEGO Racers developed by Attention To Detail and released in 2001. LEGO Racers 2 took some of the same ideas/assets of the first game such as building both your own driver and car and beating Rocket Racer yet again.


LEGO Racers 2 follows the same storyline/gameplay of the previous game but things such as items and car pieces have been improved. Instead of somehow teleporting to each world or something like that in LEGO Racers you get to different worlds using helicopters, Zeppelins, rockets and portals.


Set after the events of LEGO Racers, Rocket Racer is very disappointed that he lost his racing title until a piece of paper flies into his face, showing a new world had been created. Rocket Racer uses this new world to become champion once again. As the new racer the player must advance up each world, race and boss to get to Rocket Racer and get the chance to beat him.




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