LEGO Racers (video game)

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The Box to 5704 LEGO Racers for the PC

5704 LEGO Racers PC Game was released on July 31, 1999 as part of the LEGO Racers franchise. The similar Nintendo 64 and PlayStation versions (product numbers 5703 & 5705) were released on October 12 and December 17 of that year respectively. Later, a Game Boy Color (product number 5719) version of the game was released January 18, 2001. While it received mix reviews from critics at the time, it remains fondly remembered by those who grew up on it and has a small following. It also launched the LEGO Racers franchise, which began releasing sets using the LEGO Racers logo starting in 2001 when it became a core theme. One of the things that set it apart from many other racing games at the time was the ability to build your own car and race it using LEGO pieces from a number of other popular themes at the time, ranging from Pirates, to Fright Knights, to Ice Planet 2002.

The PC Game was originally listed "2200451 Racers PC CD-ROM" with a price of $39.75. The price was soon reduced to $20 (MSRP) and was often packaged together with another popular game released at the time, LEGO Rock Raiders. The Nintendo 64 version of the game was similarly listed as "2200546 Racers Nintendo 64" for $54.00 and the PlayStation version was listed as "2200545 Racers PlayStation game console" for $44.00. The Game Boy Color version was listed at $30.

It was developed by High Voltage Software and published by LEGO Media. A sequel, LEGO Racers 2 was also released in 2001 for PC, PS2, and Game Boy Advance.