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Only registered users can edit the RRU Knowledge Base.

See a full list of rights here.

A list of all registered users is available here.

Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users is a pseudo-group of users that all registered users currently seem to immediately become upon registering, without having any sort of edit count or account age required. As a result, autoconfirmed users are required to go through CAPTCHAs when performing CAPTCHA-triggering actions such as adding external links. Additionally, semiprotected pages can basically be edited by anyone who registers, and since only registered users can edit pages, this makes semiprotected pages fairly useless at the moment.


A list of moderators is available here.


Administrators or sysops can perform actions without any sort of restrictions, as well as block users and delete pages. They also don't have to deal with CAPTCHA crap(tcha).

A list of administrators is available here.


Bureaucrats are essentially the same as Administrators, but can also add, change, and remove user rights, and rename user accounts.

A list of bureaucrats is available here.


Brickster Bots are currently not allowed after the absolute disaster caused on the old wiki by spam bots. If we ever make a Rock Raider bot I don't know what it'd be able to do.