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A Frozen Lava Monster In-game

The Lava Monster is the Monster that appears on the Molten Terrain. It is the largest and most threatening of the major Monster types.


The Freezer Beam is the most useful defensive Weapon, as it does 40 damage, and freezes a Lava Monster for 75 seconds (a minute and 15 seconds). The Pusher Beam does only 5 damage, but pushes the Lava Monster away from the shooter by a square and a half. The Laser Beam is the least effective against the Lava Monster, and only does 1 damage, but it does knock them momentarily off their feet. Lava Monsters are scared by big bangs, such as those created by Dynamite and the Sonic Blaster. They are the biggest eaters of the game and will eat up to 7 Energy Crystals at a time. They can also walk across Lava.


It is thought that basic Rock Monsters turn into Lava Monsters when they spend lots of time in Molten Terrain. This idea comes from the fact that there are no Tiny Lava Monsters, as Lava Monsters turn into Tiny Rock Monsters when they die. It should be noted that some of the Lava Monsters in books are retextures of Rock Monsters, though this is also based on art style.